Online Work from Home Opportunities

When choosing stay at home jobs, most people struggle to find where their core strengths lie and how to best convert those strengths and abilities into real-world money.

The internet is brimming with opportunities; it has given way to the development of a bigger, better and more diverse job market that caters to all kinds of people looking for work. People looking for work from home employment opportunities feel at loss sometimes, overwhelmed by the number of jobs and options on the World Wide Web.

However, a shortlist of all the jobs people can do from their home and the relevant places to look for said jobs can help a great deal. Some of the most lucrative job opportunities that one can do from home are:


Transcription basically is converting audio into written text. This audio can be in the form of a video or an audio clip of a conversation/ an interview etc. Professional transcriptionists tend to get paid very high hourly rates.

Measured and paid in terms of audio hours, an audio hour can pay anywhere from $25-50 depending on the difficulty/clarity of the audio clip. Some popular sites that people can find transcription work are transcribeme & freelancer.

SEO Blog/Content Writer

There is always a website, a brand or a service that needs people to write about it. The opportunities to work remotely as a content writer are endless. A Google search results page is filled with information, each piece of information is written by someone.

Tasks can be ranging from product descriptions on Amazon to a home improvement DIY piece. A person who has a way with words can either start their own blog or work as a ghost writer. In order to kick-start your work from home mission, sites like upwork and peopleperhour can help a great deal.

Online Sales Profit Sharing/Retail

Online stores selling clothes or products rely on word of mouth and customer advertisement on social media to thrive. Brands and stores alike, consider their customer to be the best and most effective source of advertisement.

A person looking for work from home jobs can sign up and work for these stores as either a model or sales generator. It is as simple as modeling the retailer’s clothes and advertising it to generate sales.

This can lead to great profits as most startups and new clothing stores provide profit sharing opportunities to its consumers, which can lead to a long-term money source with zero investment and relatively little effort.


For anyone looking to work from home, the possibilities and opportunities to earn are endless. It is, simply a matter of starting out in the right place. Like any other office job, it is important to only go for jobs that you are passionate about.

Lack of passion and interest in the work will get you nowhere. You need to know where your strengths lie. Not everyone can transcribe and not everyone can create effective articles, but everyone can look for other employment opportunities.

The possibilities are, quite literally, endless!